Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier brings the post-apocalypse to Portland

Fallout Frontier 2

The only thing I knew about Oregon was that you're almost guaranteed to contract dysentery when travelling to it. Now I also know that there's an ambitious Fallout: New Vegas mod that will be set in it. It's called Fallout: The Frontier, and it has a new trailer designed to show off some of the people and places you'll meet.

"What was once a majestic and a buzzing city, is now reduced to a shadow of its former glory. It slowly became a city of ice shrouded in mysteries. Rumors of these mysteries have traveled far and wide from the few who managed to escape the icy ruins."

Portland's now frozen wastes will have an effect on your character, too. The mod's makers say that each type of weather will cause different problems, and that you'll need to be wearing clothes suitable for the current condition.

Fallout: The Frontier will also provide a new main quest line, sidequests, a hunting system, new animals, and fire propagation. It sounds like an impressive and ambitious total conversion.

There's no firm release date for the mod, but its team are hoping to push it out this winter.

Phil Savage

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