Fallout: New Vegas mod drives tanks, goes to space, channels Kojima

Fallout The Frontier

Portland is a pretty hip city, even in the post-apocalypse. New Vegas is happening, with its warring factions and seedy annals of crime, but in The Frontier, a total conversion mod for New Vegas, Portland has tanks. Tanks you can drive. Artisanal post-apocalypse tanks, locally sourced.

In a lengthy new trailer for the mod, the small team shows off drivable tanks, new creatures, some solid scene scripting, and most surprisingly, the Archimedes II, a space station with low gravity combat. Much like Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, The Frontier will have bouncy, floaty space battles featuring new weapons and enemies. Coupled with a brand new narrative and a pretty massive map, The Frontier is set to match Bethesda and Obsidian’s own efforts, if it can deliver on its big promises. With a tune cribbed straight from a former Metal Gear Solid 5 tease, the trailer does a good job appealing to a fan of the bizarre, and if they developers stick to the old adage, “Keep Portland weird,” then we’re probably in for an interesting time at the very least.

The Frontier has no set release date like most mods of its size, but when (if) it arrives, we’ll be sure to check it out.

Space station introduction

Vehicles demonstration

World size demonstration

James Davenport

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