Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road gets release date and first screenshots


The last New Vegas DLC pack, Lonesome Road , finally has a release date, with September 20th marking the weary Courier's final delivery to the Mojave. This pack promises to answer the long-hanging question of why you were the one sent to deliver Mr. House's Platinum Chip, courtesy of a trip into the Divide from which no-one ever returns and a much-anticipated meeting with the mysterious "Ulysees". The pack boosts your maximum level by 5, but still doesn't let you continue wandering after the end of the story. Expect it for £7.49 / $9.99, along with two new packs of pre-order DLC and extra guns to play with.

So far, the New Vegas DLC has been up and down. Dead Money was a fun premise but not particularly great, Honest Hearts finally introduced a certain celebrity but was otherwise fairly forgettable. The most recent pack, Old World Blues , was excellent though, taking you out of the desert and into a comedy world of mad science and just regularly angry science. It picked up 83% in our most recent issue.

You'll find the first screenshots of Lonesome Road arranged below, featuring rockets and rocket launchers.