Fallout: New Vegas getting Dead Money DLC on Feb 22, three more add-on packs to come

Fallout New Vegas Dead Money

Bethesda have announced that the Dead Money DLC pack will be making its way to the PC on February 22, and that three additional expansions are in the works, to be released over the coming months. Read on for details, and a trailer for Dead Money.

In Dead Money, your wasteland wanderer has been captured by a mad tycoon, who's planted an explosive collar around your neck and instructed you to steal the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. You'll have to work with other prisoners in a similar predicament to nab the goods and get out alive. The DLC will get a digital release on Steam and Direct2Drive.

The DLC has been out on the Xbox 360 since December, but will finally arrive on the PC later this month. Bethesda have also announced that the three slices of DLC to be released in the coming months will receive simultaneous releases across all platforms. Here's a trailer showing the spooky Sierra Madre Casino. It seems to be haunted by holo-ghosts that can shoot lasers from their eyes. For more information on Dead Money, check out the Fallout: New Vegas site.

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