Fallout: New Vegas fan film teased ahead of its premiere next week

You may remember clashing with the overly gruff Monster of the East in one of Fallout: New Vegas' endings. Legate Lanius—whose name is Latin for "butcher," naturally—wasn't terribly complex beyond being New Vegas' token Bad Guy, but a fan film is seeking to change that by attempting to color in his backstory. This here is the first teaser for the fan film Fallout: Lanius, which is debuts this weekend.

Haven't played New Vegas? How convenient, then, that Steam is currently selling it for a mere $2.50. You won't need to overly familiar with the wasteland to appreciate this high-concept action flick, however. Lanius' origin story is a lovingly put-together project by filmmaker and gamer Wade K. Savage, with the likes of New Vegas writer Chris Avellone being amongst those who donated to its crowdfunding campaign last year. While this teaser doesn't reveal very much at all, it won't be long till we learn fully about Lanius' frenzied ascension to brutality—the world premiere happens this Saturday at PAX Australia .