Fallout fans are building their own Fallout 76 map using scattered info

While some Fallout fans are wary of the new direction Fallout 76 is taking the series, others are dying to know more about it. For example, interest in West Virginia, where Fallout 76 is set, spiked after the release of its E3 trailer. Likewise, on the heels of Noclip's new Fallout 76 documentary, some dedicated digital topographers have started stitching together an unofficial map of the game using whatever footage and images they can find. 

Some of the B-roll in Noclip's documentary shows what appear to be roughs of the official game map, and many of the designers interviewed mention some towns and landmarks (skip to 8:30 to get to the map stuff). The information is scattered, and shaky at best, but that hasn't stopped a group of Redditors from building a map of their own. The fan-made map is now six updates deep, with each update bringing new locations and an increasingly refined feasibility key. It's just guesswork, mind, but it's also pretty darn cool. Have a look:  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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