Fallout 76 has Red Dead-style treasure maps

There are dozens of treasure maps hidden in Fallout 76 which bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones found in Red Dead Redemption. Each map depicts some crudely drawn scenery complete with an all-important X, and that's basically it. You have to rely on your eyes and memory to find the treasure, so spelunking in the Appalachian frontier is just as fun as it was in the Wild West. Check it out in the embedded video above or here on YouTube.

During a recent gameplay event Bethesda held in West Virginia, we found and completed our first treasure map, "Forest Treasure Map #08." The map itself was in a mine guarded by a legendary Scorch (picture a Ghoul cooked medium-well). The map was automatically added to the Data section of our Pip-Boy when we found it, so we could easily pull it up to compare our surroundings.

According to the event organizers, the map we found is one of the earliest and easiest in the game. The treasure was a short walk from the mine we found the map in, and the target scenery was pretty obvious. Even so, it was a thrilling little adventure, and there are plenty more maps where that came from which are going to be much more difficult to track down and complete. A map found in the northeast corner of Appalachia could lead to treasure in the southwest corner, forcing you to use landmarks and photo mode for direction. 

Treasure maps are a fun addition to Fallout, and they're far from the only new thing in Fallout 76. We played the upcoming multiplayer RPG for a few hours and came away with 12 surprising observations that Fallout fans will want to hear. We also got a nuke dropped on our heads, which you can watch here

Austin Wood
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