Fallout 76 flaunts 'New American Dream' in Gamescom trailer

In June, Fallout 76 revealed its Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform—an all-in-one basebuilding device that helps players establish their post-war settlements. C.A.M.P., as it's otherwise known, features heavily in the online multiplayer game's latest trailer above. 

Speaking to Xbox's Major Nelson at Gamescom, Bethesda's Pete Hines says those familiar with Fallout 4's settlement building will understand the essence of Fallout 76's C.A.M.P. system. 

"The idea of the C.A.M.P. is it's a way to build settlements, you have much more freedom in terms of where you can put it, but it's movable," says Hines. "Any time you set one down and then are like, 'you know what, I wanna move my camp here', it'll cost you some caps, but you can take your camp and move it to anywhere you want."

Hines says the C.A.M.P. system is entirely optional, but offers more scope for creation than previous games. According to Hines, turrets, furniture, defences and mortars are just some of the craftable objects at the player's disposal.   

"The idea is that it now moves, as opposed to being in one spot," Hines adds. "If you wanna spend the game moving around and exploring locations, you can—but you can also decide that you wanna build your own workshops.

"This time around, because the game is online and every other character is another player, you can do that building with other folks. It's not just you building in your settlement, you can have other folks building around you. It is a theme of the game—the whole idea of Vault 76 was the folks who were going to rebuild the world—but you can do as much or as little of that as you want."

If you fancy any of that, know that the Fallout 76 beta is coming in October.

H/T GamersPrey for the video above.