Fallout 4's Vault Boy turns up in Rocket League

Fallout 4 Rocket League antenna

You've probably heard about today's big Rocket League update incorporating mutators that enable the game to be played in all sorts of weird and different ways. But you may not have known that it includes a sweet little piece of free Fallout 4 swag too.

The unlockable Vault Boy antenna is undeniably swanky, and yes, it's legit: Developer Psyonix offered Bethesda "a huge thanks" for allowing it to be added. Several other game-related antennae are included with the update as well, for Drive Club, Oddworld, and Unreal Tournament.

But the best of the bunch—and I say this as an entirely unbiased third-party observer, naturally—is the official PC Gamer antenna flag that's also included in the update. There are other "community flags" to choose from—Reddit, Something Awful, Day[9]TV among others—but really, between Fallout 4 and us, what more could you possibly want?

So, to recap: Rocket League mutators are out today, Fallout 4 will be here tomorrow, and you can read our Fallout 4 review right now—right here.

Rocket League PC Gamer antenna flag

Andy Chalk

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