Bethesda is still working on the Fallout 4 system requirements

Fallout 4

We already know quite a bit about Fallout 4: There will be no level cap or game-ending finish, there will be a season pass, there's a lot of talking (but no Three Dog), and German gamers will enjoy the same pleasure of watching skulls pop like overripe tomatoes upon a grill. But there are a few rather important things we don't know, too, including what sort of hardware we'll need to play the thing properly. And there's actually a pretty good reason for that.

"We're not going to give out incomplete or inaccurate info before we know," Pete Hines, Bethesda's vice-president of PR, tweeted in response to an inquiry about the mystery of the missing specs. "That'd be irresponsible."

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Hines was equally circumspect regarding when the information might be released. "We'll make them available as soon as we reach some level of certainty as to what they are. can't 'make that go faster'," he wrote in a separate tweet. "It's not just about quality. for sys requirements it's compat testing to figure out performance on a lot of different hardware."

We'll find out soon enough, since Fallout 4 is just a couple months away—November 10, to be precise. Hines also confirmed that the Pip Boy Edition of Fallout 4, despite being very impressively loaded out, does not include the season pass.

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