Fallout 4 Project Phoenix mod adds three-part quest, 14 locations and a new faction

The online, multiplayer, survival-focused Fallout 76 may be on the horizon—here's everything we know about that, by the way—but there are still a host of singleplayer Fallout mods to look out for. Schratt0r's Project Phoenix for Fallout 4 is another of those. It's out now, with a three-part quest, 14 new locations and a new faction in tow. 

Unlocked North-West of the Poseidon Reservoir, as outlined in the footage above, Project Phoenix follows the tale of an unhinged, wealthy chap who fancies himself as dictator.

"He started to create a master plan to enslave mankind," explains schratt0r on the project's Nexus Mods page. "[But] he could not deal with one thing: the stubbornness of human beings. Even if he manages to enslave everybody, they would rather die than obey. And this very idea has led him to some evil thoughts."

Across its wealth of new locations and three-part quest, expect to spend around an hour and half with Project Phoenix. You'll battle new bosses, tussle with its (unfortunately) not joinable faction, and set up shop in its new player home. Here's the mod's opening 15 minutes: 

More information on Project Phoenix, including installation instructions, lives this-a-way