Fallout 4 mod lets you worship statues of Todd Howard

During Bethesda's latest E3 conference, studio director Todd Howard took to the stage to share a cute metaphor about the expo's history. Toward the end, he says to the crowd that "most of you came here for one thing." After a brief pause, a dude in the crowd shouts back, "Todd Howard!" I like to think that dude is Wanaming0, the modder behind the newly released Todd Howard statue mod for Fallout 4

As you may have guessed, Wanaming0's mod lets you build statues of Todd Howard and put them in your settlements. You can also build statues that glow in the dark, and for real Todd Howard enthusiasts like that dude in the crowd, there's the option to replace the Minutemen statues near the Red Rocket settlement and the Glowing Sea with Howard's bronze visage. This causes the Children of Atom to worship the statue, resulting in the creation of some strange religious texts. 

Actually, hang on a minute, according to the mod's Nexus Mods page, they're actually statues of "General Todd Howard, hero of the battle of Bethesda Hill" and "one of the bravest men in US history." In fact, it seems he was so brave "that we has immortalized forever as a bronze statue, for people to look up to and follow the example." Glad we cleared that up. 

The statues are great, but my favorite part of the mod is the unique baseball bat it adds. Have a look:

I'll let this old clip of Howard explain: 

Austin Wood
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