Fallout 4 mod gives you a movable home base built inside a Vertibird

Before you get too excited, let me gently give you the bad news. While this mod does let you craft a Vertibird player-home hybrid, you can't literally fly your sweet chopper-house around the game and land wherever you want. When you travel in your Vertibird, it's handled a bit like fast-travel—the screen fades to black, your hear the rotors kick in, and you're basically teleported (with some time passage) to the new location.

Let's back up though, because this thing is still really cool. The VTO (Vertical Takeoff Outpost) mod, created by modder PCDug, places a handful of new blueprints in the game, and once you've acquired one of them you can craft a very special Vertibird at a settlement workshop. This Vertibird has a small (or perhaps I should call it cozy) interior space you can use as a player home. 

It's not a settlement—you can't recruit dirty randoms to come live in it with you—but it has its own multi-purpose workbench that you can use for storage, crafting, cooking, and so on. The 'bird also has working turrets on top, which you can use to keep pesky raiders and other interlopers away. There's even an intercom you can use to contact your followers in case they've fallen behind or vanished (it happens).

Here's how you take your new home with you when you travel. You can craft landing pads at any of your existing settlements, which you'll then be able to fast-travel to with your VTO. You can also craft beacons and place them anywhere in the world (including Nuka World and Far Harbor) which will allow you to "land" in those locations. And, if you're away from your Vertibirdhouse, running around in the Commonwealth, you can summon it to you via remote control. Naturally, there's a cost for having a house that moves around: you'll have to keep your bird stocked with homemade coolant, and each time you travel with it, it'll deplete the coolant reserves.

I know, it would be extra cool if you could manually fly the Vertibird around—I don't think any modders have been able to make that happen yet—but this is still a pretty sweet mobile home. You can find the VTO's mod page at Nexus Mods.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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