Fallout 4: Far Harbor trailer released

 At last, the big one is almost upon us: Far Harbor, the full-size expansion for Fallout 4. Bumper size, even—Bethesda says that Far Harbor has the largest landmass of any Bethesda add-on ever. That makes it a welcome change from the light fluff of Automatron and the wholly skippable Wasteland Workshop. More content does mean more cash however, and if you don't own the season pass, Far Harbor will cost you £20.

You'll ship out to an island off the coast of Maine, a region that's come out of the war far worse than the Commonwealth. Deathclaws are cute radioactive puppies compared to what's been mutating in Far Harbor. Add to that the ever-pesky Children of Atom, synths and unfriendly locals, and you've got yourself the worst possible summer holiday. Apart from caravanning.

Far Harbor is out May 19.