Fallout 4 DLC and season pass changes detailed

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After a cryptic Tweet earlier in the week, Bethesda has now revealed its plan for Fallout 4 DLC. Plans, I should say. Many, many plans. The first wave of new content comes in three parts: Automatron, £8; Wasteland Workshop, £4; and Far Harbor, £20.

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Automatron sounds a lot like the superhero war for control of Canterbury Commons in Fallout 3. The shadowy Mechanist has unleashed a chrome army upon the Wasteland, including the fan-favourite Robobrain. Disintegrating them with prejudice will yield robot parts with which to construct your own metallic companions, including a choice of paint job and voice.

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The Wasteland Workshop is a bit of fluff, really, but it sounds like good, unethical fun: you can build traps for wildlife, by which I mean any monstrosity that stalks the Commonwealth, from raiders to deathclaws and, I hope, Marcy Long. Then you can make them fight for your entertainment. Blood sport is accompanied by new bits and pieces for your Wasteland fortress, including taxidermy! Oh Marcy. Marcy, Marcy, Marcy.

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Not-really-finally, Far Harbor is a new case for Valentine's Detective Agency, on the trail of a young lady and a synth colony. There are hints that this might be a more aquatic adventure, as the DLC will take us "off the coast of Maine" where high levels of radiation have scourged the island known as Far Harbor. From the lone screenshot, it looks similar to Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC, in which the swampy change of setting made for a truly memorable experience. Far Harbour comes at a premium price, so I'd expect expansion scale.

But that's not it. Somewhere along the line, Bethesda has realised that people are really into Fallout and is taking the opportunity to do much more DLC in the course of the year. That means that the price of the season pass will be going up, from £25 to £40, on March 1. If you own the season pass already or buy it before March, you'll get everything Bethesda releases at no extra cost. I expect it will sell rather well in the next few days.

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There's also allusion to free updates, like the upcoming overhaul of survival difficulty, but details are not to be had. Still, if you're not convinced to spent your money, you can sign up to beta test the DLC at bethesda.net.

And actually finally, we have confirmation that the Creation Kit modding tools are well into development. They're in testing currently, and we should expect more details soon.

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