Fallout 4 'Echo' mod turns the wasteland into a musical about employment

The best Fallout 4 mods let you customise the wasteland. Be that through settlements and crafting, visual improvements and weather, or new locations and adventures there's pretty much something for everyone. With 510 lines of dialogue and four sing-a-longs, Kilosandwich's Echo transforms the Boston Commonwealth into musical about employment. I've no idea which category that best fits. 

I do however know we should expect one fully-voiced quest that last two hours and contains multiple endings, a plethora of puzzles, and "oodles of player choice". With music from Bing Crosby, Leonard Warren, Pat and Shirley Boone and a number of other 20th century crooners, Echo also invites players to "embark on a quest to discover the cause of a raft of disappearances, and find yourself swept up into an exciting and musical journey."

Within, you might achieve "personal growth and enrichment", posits Kilosandwich on the project's Nexus Mods page, which is where the creator also outlines the hows and wheres of activating Echo. 

"The narrative of this mod is built for a solo experience," Kilosandwich adds. "As such, you should dismiss your companion before embarking on it—if you should choose not to do so, the mod will dismiss your companion for you back to their last place of recruitment (the settlement last assigned, or their initial place of recruitment) upon entering the Dartmouth Professional Building."

And as if that all wasn't out there enough, the Q&A at the foot of this page talks about drugged wine, waking up on roofs and taking "dynamic naps" that could cost you your job. The images featured there don't exactly scream whimsical musical about sound work ethic, but I do like this pink flamingo. I hope it sings, too.