Fall of Porcupine is a Night in the Woods style story about healthcare, with a demo out now

Anthro pigeon in a clinic setting
(Image credit: BUNTSPECHT.GAMES)
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Fall of Porcupine's anthropomorphic critters, troubled small town setting and light platforming give way to the obvious inspiration of Night in the Woods. It's unsubtle, but maybe not a bad thing: Night in the Woods (opens in new tab) isn't a fluffy story, even with its fluffy protagonists.

With Fall of Porcupine looking to tell a story about healthcare as work, maybe showing its inspirations so clearly is a fair shorthand: this likely isn't going to be a story about sticking plasters on grazed knees, even before you unearth whatever mysteries the town is hiding.

Finley—the pigeon, it's the town that's called Porcupine—is a new doctor, and he'll have to deal with new job stress, a demanding boss, and navigating both friendly and professional relationships.

The teaser trailer reveals only glimpses and stressed out characters, while Finely flits between them. The playable prologue should show off a little more: and it's now available for free on Steam (opens in new tab).