Fall Guys gets a Squads mode

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Fall Guys Season 4 is out today, and with it a new Squads mode is being introduced, letting you carry your little bean friends who may not be quite as adept at the game as you.

Lead game designer Joe Walsh told IGN that one of the reasons behind a new Squads mode is to make it more enjoyable to play with friends, rather than getting eliminated from the first round and having to watch your pals waddle on without you. "Being eliminated does not completely eliminate you from the game," Walsh said. "You only get eliminated if your entire Squad perform poorly on any given round."

Squads will pop 15 different teams together, able to play the majority of Fall Guys' levels. Squads is scored differently from the game's usual mode, compiling the entire team's effort into a single score. Race rounds will score teams based on which place each player finished, and survival rounds score teams for every second survived by each member. The lowest team's score at the end of each round will be eliminated.

Final Round victories now go to the entire team too, though Walsh says that they're looking at tweaking the rewards to make them "slightly less" than the rewards given for winning in the game's normal mode—possibly the new Crown Shards being introduced today. Some normal Fall Guys levels have also been converted into Final Round levels for Squads—Fall Ball is one of them, which will see the final two squads go against each other for the victory.

Fall Guys Season 4 is out today, with a sci-fi theme replacing the winter wonderland and some awfully sus costumes dropping, too.

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