Fall Guys adding anti-cheat 'in the next couple of weeks'

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I only play Fall Guys once every few days, and usually only for one or two matches at a time, but I still see a ton of cheaters in Mediatonic's battle royale. If I had to estimate, I'd say there's a cheater in about one of four matches I play, and that's honestly part of the reason I don't play it so often. I'm not great at Fall Guys anyway, so it sucks even more to make it to the final round and see some cheating bean snatch the crown.

Sounds like help is finally on the way, however:

If it's what Fortnite uses, that's Easy Anti-Cheat, which is also used by Apex Legends, Rust, and lots of other games. I don't expect it to completely eliminate the cheaters—no anti-cheat service seems to be able to do that—but anything to help at this point would be welcome, especially since there's no in-game reporting system.

Previously Mediatonic said it would detect and boot cheaters before they finished the match, but I haven't seen any evidence of that happening. When I see a cheater, in round one, they're still there until the end of the match unless they screw up and get eliminated. Just a couple days ago I jumped into a match, and there was a psychic player speeding through Door Dash who then began flying and sprinting to avoid barriers in Block Party a few rounds later. It's a reminder that even for a lighthearted competitive game like Fall Guys, solving cheating is really, really hard.

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