Fall Guys will start booting cheaters before they finish their game

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

There's a unique frustration to encountering a cheater in a game like Fall Guys—where the chaotic randomness introduced both by the environment and your fellow players should, in theory, put everyone on something of a level playing field; or, as the case may be, on the same wildly uneven seesaw. Seeing another player zipping past you far faster than they should be able to run—or, even more egregiously, simply flying away overhead—can turn what was meant to be a good-natured fight to the last bean standing into an especially frustrating and unfair experience.

In the three weeks since the game's release, a number of issues have been identified and patched, with combating cheaters high on the Mediatonic's to-do list. Yesterday it was announced via the official Fall Guys Twitter account that cheaters will soon be seeing more immediate repercussions for their actions.

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Describing anti-cheating measures as "a top priority", the Tweet outlined a proposed change that will see the offenders blocked immediately, rather than allowing them to finish their current show before booting them.

There are no details yet about how this will be implemented without affecting the experience of innocent players who have the misfortune to find themselves matched with a cheater. There's also no in-game reporting feature, though Mediatonic says that there's no need for players to report cheaters. Apparently, by the time it receives reports, the cheaters in question have usually already been detected and dealt with.