Factorio prepares to leave Early Access, price increase incoming

Factorio, the factory building management game by Wube Software, has been playable in alpha and Early Access since 2014. It's edging closer to a 1.0 full release, however, according to a post on its official site today. What's more, the price is going up from $20 to $30 on April 16.

"Version 0.16 has become stable," the post reads, "and this means that there is one last step for us to reach the 0.17 which will probably become 1.0 version. Then Factorio will finally step out of the Early Access zone. This will take some months but the roadmap is clear for us.

"The price of the game has been growing steadily together with the game becoming bigger, more stable and polished. After careful consideration, we have decided to set the new price of the game to 30 USD (or your regional equivalent). This change will become effective as of the 16th of April 2018."

The developer has said in the past, and reiterates today, that Factorio will never go on sale: not during a Steam sale or as part of a Bundle. It's an unusual policy, but basically means if you've been thinking about buying Factorio, doing it before April 15 might be a good idea, as once the price rises to $30 it may stay there forever.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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