Fable Anniversary farting its way to Steam next week

There's a lot to love about the original Fable and its sequel, only one of which ever made its way to PC. We still haven't seen the sequel, and after so many years it's unlikely we ever will, but after a delay of just over six months we're about to get the remastered version of the original game, which hit Xbox 360 back in February. Spruced-up graphics, Steam achievements, and a bunch of additional outfits are the biggest changes here, but it's the same farty, tongue-in-cheek, fairytale action RPG underneath.

The header image to this post reveals the game's new outfits, which include the "Jackarse Dead Fish Weapon". Aside from those, the new visuals, and an apparently "slick new interface", there doesn't appear to be much in the way of new content here, given that the original PC game already shipped with expansion The Lost Chapters. That's still on Steam, by the way .

Fable Anniversary , meanwhile, will be released on Steam on the 12th of September, exactly a week today. Here's a trailer:

Tom Sykes

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