F1 2020 – the cheapest way to get it on PC in Australia

F1 2020
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As sure as day and night, Codemasters' officially licensed F1 racer is returning in 2020. As you'd expect, it's called F1 2020, and it'll release digitally on July 11. Whether it's getting a physical edition in Australia is a bit unclear at the moment, as it's not currently available to pre-order from the usual candidates, but we'll update this story when we hear back from the game's distributor.

This year's edition promises to be a good one: there's a new management mode which adds some light tycoon elements to the racer. The 2020 game will also feature new tracks set in Vietnam and the Netherlands.

The prices below are all pre-order prices, and are for the base 'Seventy Edition'. 

Fanatical - AU$74.75
Green Man Gaming
- AU$76.46
Humble Store - AU$84.95 (with AU$7.72 cashback, and a AU$16.99 discount with Humble Choice subscription)
Steam - AU$84.95

Here are the prices for the deluxe 'Schumacher Edition' which includes a bunch of Michael Schumacher themed cosmetics, as well as four famous cars.

Fanatical - AU$87.95
Green Man Gaming - AU$89.96
Humble Store - AU$99.95 (with AU$9.09 cashback, and a AU$19.99 discount with Humble Choice subscription)
Steam - AU$99.95

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