F1 2011 trailer talks KERS, DRS and the safety car

[VAMS id="ks1oa658em3p0"]

The fourth F1 2011 diary details the major new additions to this year's Formula One game, following the dramatic rule changes in the sport itself. The DRS system that lets drivers open up their rear wings to gain a boost in straight line speed in carefully specified parts of each course has made it into the game. The KERS system is in, too. That stores electrical energy generated by braking in high tech batteries that can give a driver's engine a useful boost at the right moment.

Last but not least, there's the safety car. It sounds like the least exciting addition, but the slow safety cars that emerge after a crash cause the entire grid to concertina, and can let quick thinking teams grab a vital pit stop they wouldn't otherwise have managed. F1 2011 is out next Tuesday in the US, and on Friday in Europe.

Tom Senior

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