Exploring the new classes and revamped world of MapleStory's Big Bang


MapleStory's always been there for us when we felt the urge to destroy, burn, and/or punch cute things in the face. And, thanks to Big Bang, the free game's latest expansion, therehas never been a better time to join in the addictive demolition of all that is adorable.

The three new classes (Mechanic, Battle Mage and Wild Hunter) pack more punch than your crazy aunt Wendy's holiday eggnog and come loaded with all sorts of overpowered skills that let you hit more enemies harder. It might not be fair, but it sure is fun! Toss in the freshly reduced experience requirements and starting a new character nowadays is pure adrenaline-fueled bliss.

Even better, the new classes' abilities are incredibly flashy and entertaining. Mechanics ride flying mechs loaded with all sorts of crazy weaponry, Wild Hunters mount a ferocious panther to chomp and slash their way through baddies and Battle Mages overwhelm foes with misty magical auras.

To top it off, travel time has been axed into oblivion, thanks to the redesigned world that keeps the scenery moving and the level-ups stacking.

For the hordes of teary-eyed bunnies between you and your loot, Big Bang is a total nightmare. For you and your friends, it's a big blessing—less time grinding and more time blasting.

Download the free-to-play game here , and use our install troubleshooting guide if you're having problems installing the game on Windows Vista or 7.