Exclusive reveal: Heroes of Newerth's new hero!


I'm convinced that the team developing new heroes for Heroes of Newerth over at S2 Games doesn't sleep--they're adding another new hero to the game this Friday and we've got the exclusive first look at the bad-tempered badass who's dual-wielding shotguns.

Flint Beastwood is the latest Agility hero to join the Hellbourne team. Described as a "bad-tempered, dual wielding gunslinger", Flint excels at pushing towers, providing sight for his team, and is able to engage enemies at a longer range than any other hero in the game. If there's something more terrifying than dual-wield long-range boomsticks, I haven't heard of it.

Let's take a look at this orc gunner's skills (disclaimer: ability names are not final):

  • Flare: Fire a flare at a position, dealing damage and leaving a slow-burning glow that slows enemies and provides sight.

  • Sharpshooter: Passively deal extra damage and a mini-stun on occasion.

  • Long Barrel: Passively increases attack range.

  • Focused Fire: After taking time to line a shot, Flint fires at a faraway enemy, dealing critical damage.

Flint is being introduced on live servers via a patch this Friday, August 13, so be careful this weekend--Flint's gunning for you!