Evolve Stage 2 is getting a co-op vs. AI playlist and a deadlier Orbital Drill

Evolve Stage 2 – ie, the new free-to-play version of Turtle Rock's asymmetrical team shooter – is in the middle of its first Shear Madness event. It spawned a new Medic character last week, but the newest reveal includes a new map variant, as well as a Co-op vs AI playlist.

Entitled Cataclysm, the map is a much nastier version of the original Orbital Drill. According to Turtle Rock, not only is there lots of deadly lava and meteors, but some of the latter can even heal you upon collision – though beware, because that holds true for both Hunters and Monsters.

It sounds like a not very pleasant tourist destination to be honest, but for killing monsters and / or hunters it's probably the perfect spot. "The sky has been consumed with embers, soot and smoke that could engulf the whole planet. Strangely enough, alongside the hellfire the planet seems to have taken some of the Hunters healing technology through this transformation."

Finally, the new Co-op vs AI queue is designed to be a less stressful experience compared to the competitive modes. Shear Madness still has three reveals to go, with the last scheduled to arrive on August 30.

Here's some footage of the new Cataclysm map:

Shaun Prescott

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