Every Heroes of the Storm character is free for BlizzCon

Heroes of the Storm
(Image credit: Blizzard)

It looks like Blizzard has opened up its roster of heroes in Heroes of the Storm, letting you play every single one of them for free, but just this week. There's been no fanfare around the promotion, though it makes sense that the MOBA is doing something to mark BlizzCon

Though it's still being supported and updated, Heroes of the Storm lost several developers over the last year and generally seems to have been pushed off to the side. The Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the dorm tournaments were also cancelled.

It's a shame, as it's one of the easiest MOBA's to pick up and is bursting with inventive hero designs and maps. Aside from Smite, it's the only MOBA I've ever really been able to get into, though I've not played in ages. With all these free heroes, it's probably worth a revisit. 

With BlizzCon about to kick off, we might be due some Heroes of the Storm announcements. In our BlizzCon predictions, Joanna reckons some more original characters, like Orphea and Qhira, will be unveiled. 

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