Everquest Next Landmark trailer asks the pertinent question "What is Everquest Next Landmark?"

SOE have asked and answered their own question with the following video, which explains in exquisite detail just what Everquest Next Landmark is all about. If you've been living in a massively multiplayer cave for the last few months, it's the pretty Minecrafty prologue to the ambitious Everquest Next, which will let you build and decorate and even alter the terrain of the world/s as you see fit. You can apply for the beta here , if you've room in your life for another crafting game, or scroll down for the five-minute trailer.

I have to say, the building interface looks far more intuitive and straightforward than I was expecting from a third-person (sorta) MMO. I particularly like the gesture your character makes while you're placing stuff - it makes you look like a wizard architect. Fans of earning fake or real money will be pleased to hear that you'll be able to sell materials in the game world and your creations in the actual one; I'm not sure our early efforts will be bringing in the mega-bucks, but the potential's here for all manner of fantastically detailed structures.

Thanks, VG247 .

Tom Sykes

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