Even a god of death has to learn the trade

Death God Header

Being a god of death is a tough job. Reaping souls while making your victims' deaths seem like unfortunate accidents takes finesse, dedication, and a degree from Death God University. This adventure game casts you as a student at that nefarious establishment. You must learn the dark art of stealing souls. Watch your targets, identify aspects of their daily routine that you can use, and then manufacture tragic mistakes to usher them off the mortal coil.

You're only allowed to target victims that truly deserve their fate, of course, you're a student of the art of death, not a rampaging murderer. is a game about dark humour after all, and recapturing the magic of old-school point-and-click adventure games like Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island and Manic Miner. In the tradition of those fine games, you'll get to meet some kooky characters in Death God University, too, like the Death Gods themselves, who hail from different cultures all over the world. Be prepared to meet Freya, Yama, Baron Samedi and the Grim Reaper during your adventures.

The game is set on the university campus itself, and in the local town, where the citizens are totally oblivious to the secret institution next-door. Your targets are scattered across the town in a varied selection of environments. Expect to face different challenges taking on a target on the army base to the one who works at the local train station, or the park or city asylum.

While you're out and about, it's important to explore your environment thoroughly to discover items. Crafting new objects from your inventory is essential, and will let you invent some creative ways to steal souls from unwitting marks. Need to control the behaviour of a hound to facilitate an assassination? Attach a hot dog to a remote controlled car and lead him by the nose.

Every death will be graded by your tutors at Death God academy. The debut trailer sets the standards high. A flying taco bops one target off the edge of a serious drop, another is fired into space, and another is strapped to a rocket and fired into a volcano – expect top marks for pulling that one off while successfully making it look like an innocent equipment failure. The colourful 3D world and the vibrant style brings a sense of humour to your dastardly profession.