Eve Online to get Japanese release later this year, Fanfest kicks off in 3 weeks

Eve Online

CCP are looking to grow Eve's universe with the release of a Japanese client this Autumn. On the Eve Online Community site , CCP say that they plan to release a fully localised version of Eve through Nexon, the publisher behind games like Vindictus, Combat Arms and Maple Story. That'll hopefully bring even more players onto the grand, unified, 350,000 player Tranquility server, which is nice.

That's a fair few months away yet, mind. Many Eve fans will be concentrating on the upcoming Eve Fanfest , which blasts off on March 22. It'll be the first Fan Fest since CCP's big turnaround late last year when the developers admitted that some mistakes had been made with the Incarna update and promised fans that they'd get back to spaceships in future updates. As always, there will be impassioned round-table discussions, developer Q&As and some big parties. Check out this trailer for a a sense of what's in store.

Tom Senior

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