EVE Online remembers epic battle at B-R5RB in new video

Calling it "the most remarkable confrontation ever to take place inside a computer game," EVE Online developer CCP Games has released a new video recalling the battle at B-R5RB . Developer hyperbole aside, the January conflagration—which began with a missed bill payment—does shine a light on the story-generating possibilities of an MMO long known for its undeniable complexity .

"The battle of B-R5RB raged for over 20 hours, involved tens of thousands of players, and witnessed the destruction of over 3,000 ships, including 75 Titans," reports CCP in the video below. "One third of all Titans ever lost in the 10-year history of EVE: Online."

As is often true with most skirmishes and conflicts, there are usually two sides to every story. Perspective and context with regard to these kinds of massive battles is just what I hope to see surface in the upcoming history book of EVE being produced by Andrew Groen. Perhaps there's a quirky story or two about that day that hasn't been told yet. You can hear Groen talk with a pair of veteran EVE alliance and fleet leaders in a recent episode of the Three Moves Ahead strategy gaming podcast.

For more on the background and aftermath of B-R5RB, you can also lose yourself for a few hours going over CCP's original rundown of the event here .