Eve Online has over 360,000 players. 63,170 simultaneous users in January

Eve Online Thumbnail

In stunning statistics revealed today at GDC, EVE Online developers CCP announced that the game currently has over 360,000 subscribers.

Distributed Systems Architect Jacky Mallett explained that "we hit a new peak of online usage, 63,170 users online concurrently" on January 23. That's 63,170 pilots sailing across the black in EVE's online universe.

We can support up to 1800 users in our most popular solar system," explained Mallett, going on to say that 200 severs run together to create Eve's universe. Each one of these severs is a behemoth in itself, being able to "host anything up to a hundred solar systems on a single server". The most popular solar systems are hosted on dedicated, singular servers as to cope with the 1800 potential users.

Of course, within these digial 'verses things can get pretty hairy. Mallett explains most of the issues they come across when severs go fuzzy is down to ship captains engaging in ludicrous space battles .