Eve Incursion is coming

Eve Online

The latest free update for Eve Online, Incursion , is scheduled to arrive in November, bringing graphical updates and a huge co-operative space war to Eve's already war-torn server.

Come November, the NPC fleets of Sancha's Nation will invade Eve's universe, with the aim of turning it into their own personal utopia. Pilots will have the opportunity to join huge public fleets and fight off the invading hordes, with cash bounties and loyalty rewards on offer for the most effective fighters. Massive new ships and an AI overhaul for the NPC faction should make the invaders an even more potent threat.

Incursion is also going to introduce some of the improvements suggested by the Council of Stellar Management, a group of high level Eve players who meet regularly with the game's developers to suggest changes to the game. The new alterations are aimed at improving the performance of Eve's vast PvP battles. Eve Online's new social site, EVEGate, is also set to launch, providing shiny new forums and social networking features, hopefully making it easier for players to engage in the staggeringly complex politics that dominate Eve's universe.

Finally, even more graphical updates are planned, including improvements to the already scarily lifelike character portrait system. Hopefully this means it'll be possible to create a character who doesn't look completely, utterly evil, like mine always seem to.

Tom Senior

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