Eve Incarna update incoming, you'll be exploring Eve's space stations tomorrow

The long-awaited Incarna update for Eve Online is set to arrive tomorrow . Incarna 1.0 will add the Captain's Quarters that will let every pilot wander around their own personal quarters on board any space station they dock in.

The Captain's Quarters will replace the old hanger view with a series of rooms explorable rooms, and will be the first thing new players see when they start up the game. From these quarters you'll be able to perform all of the same actions that you could in the previous menu view, including contacting agents, refitting your ship and buying new goods. You'll also be able to wander into the hangar and see your space ship in full scale. Tutorials have also been revamped to smoothen out Eve's famously steep learning curve even further.

CCP say they plan many more updates to Incarna, that will eventually add more new rooms to the captain's quarters complex. CCP even say that "by the end of this year you could be trading contraband goods in seedy bars. Or running seedy bars."

The new update will also add the Noble Exchange , a store where virtual money can be exchanged for character accessories and even new paint jobs for ships. CCP say they're planning to release the patch notes soon. Until then, check out the developer walkthrough video above for an advanced look at the new quarters. Swanky, no?

Tom Senior

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