Eve developers launch huge Q&A event, release comedy infomercial

Eve Online - red space sunset

CCP have launched a thread on the Eve Online forums asking fans to submit any question they can think of to their team of developers. The devs will take on almost any question posted on the forum before the end of tomorrow, and aim to have them all answered by Friday.

There are a few limits, the team might not answer queries about "exact launch dates we haven't committed to, security details we don't want to share, or intimate secrets from our personal lives," but anything else is fair game, so fire away. My question is, if a Gallente battleship malfunctions and hyper-explodes in an abandoned sector of lawless 0,0 space out of all sensor range, does it make a sound?

CCP have also released a comedy infomercial, first shown at the recent Eve Fanfest. You'll find it embedded below.

Tom Senior

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