Europe's GPU prices are now just 12% above MSRP for the first time in a while

Nvidia GPUs
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Could it be true? Are GPUs truly in stock and getting cheaper to buy? We've reported that prices of graphics cards have been slowly coming down since the new year. As stock at retailers rises, prices of these much sought-after PC components are approaching pre-shortage pricing. Do you see it? The light at the end of the tunnel?

A new report from shows that average street prices for GPUs at German and Austrian retailers have gotten as low as 12% over MSRP for AMD RX 6000-series cards and 19% for Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series cards. This reflects a downward trend of prices dropping at least 10% a month for the last five months.

Since December, the report tracked the street price (the current price) vs. list price (MSRP) of AMD's and Nvidia's latest generation of GPUs. Excluded from the report were the newly released RTX 3090 Ti (currently selling at an MSRP of $2000) and the RTX 3080 12GB (which has no official MSRP). 

Again, these are German and Austrian prices. But since their PC market is huge it could be indicative of more change on the horizon. It's a trend that feels broadly in line with the rest of Europe and the Americas. We are seeing so much stock in the US and the UK now that AIBs are getting competitive on price again. 

Just last week, EVGA officially said it had restocked RTX 30-series cards, and thanks to some rebates, they are reasonably close to MSRP pricing. 

Despite seeing a considerable drop in pricing from many different GPUs, especially the RTX 30-series, the one card that remains consistently priced well over MSRP is the RTX 3080, our favorite graphics card. Here's hoping that'll change soon and we can go back to upgrading PCs. 


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