Europa Universalis patch 1.2 released, adds new features and cardinal mortality

A fun game is to scour through the patch notes for Paradox's strategies, hunting for things that sound funny out of context. A good time can be had by all . Unfortunately, I've not yet sat down to crack open Europa Universalis IV, so lack the necessary context to even parse this massive list of fixes. "Event 'Conservative Backlash' now requires idea divine_supremacy" might sound funny, but what does it mean?

To be safe we'd better stick to the headline features: new vassal options, new map modes, and an expanded peace interface. Also some key cardinal update: "Cardinals now have a far higher likelihood to die as they grow old," and "Cardinals not yet in the curia can now die." Take that, immortal clergymen!

Here are the new features:

  • Added new ideagroups for Anatolian Beyliks, Marathas, Taungu, Rajput States,Granada, Papal States, Daimyos, Serbia, Orissa, Punjab, Ragusa, German States, Ryukyu, Bengal States, Tibet, Dravidian States, Assam, Gujarati States, Tuscany, USA, Switzerland, Irish States, Songhai, Brittany, Malayan States, Arabian States, Italian States, Najd & Hedjaz

  • When you release a vassal you now get the option to swap to that country and play as it.

  • Added two buttons to the peace interface. 'Surrender' - clicking this will automatically construct a peace offer the AI would accept & 'Suggest Demands' that constructs a demanding peace offer the AI will accept.

  • Editboxes can now have use copy/paste/cut and accepts text from other applications. This is handy if you want to copy a steamid for example. Also implemented some basic text navigation-features like ctrl-skipping words, and marking text.

  • There is now support for windowed fullscreen, and you can now toggle between fullscreen, windowed, windowed fullscreen) in the video-settings.

  • Added in two new mapmodes, one to display coalitions, and one to display opinions.

  • Added in five new achievements: Grand Coalition - to get a coalition with 6 members in it. Trade Hegemon - be a western european and owning Aden, Hormoz & Malacca. Winged Hussars - Have the Winged Hussar unit, while having at least 50% cavalry power. Luck of the Irish - Conquer all the british isles as an irish country. Sunset Invasion - Start as the Aztecs and conquer Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam & Rome.

The rest is a giant list of tweaks and fixes to balance, AI, interface, multiplayer, performance, modding, events, and - let's be honest - basically everything. Check out the full changelist at the Paradox Forum page .

Phil Savage

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