Europa Universalis 4: Leviathan will add options for diplomacy, and 'playing tall'

Central Thailand chooses to expand infrastructure on a Europa Universalis map
(Image credit: Paradox)

During the recent Paradox Insider event, Johan Andersson—the studio manager of Paradox Tinto, which opened last year—caught us up on what's coming with the forthcoming Leviathan expansion for Europa Universalis 4.

One of the things Leviathan will do is provide more options for those who play tall—underexpanding and developing the land you've got, whether because it's an interesting strategic challenge, or because you're surrounded by the HRE. To that end, Leviathan is adding options to Concentrate Development, moving it from outer territories to your capital and create a singular metropolis, Centralize State to decrease development costs, and Expand Infrastructure, to get multiple manufacturers going in a single province.

It's also going to flesh out diplomacy, building on the favors introduced in The Cossacks. Where before they accrued over time, eventually letting you call allies to join your wars, a new diplomatic action called Curry Favors will let you deliberately gain them to spend on more options, like abandoning allies, or damaging relations with a third party.

Andersson also mentioned the subscription plan for Europa Universalis 4, which will give subscribers access to "all current and future content" and will cost $5 a month. It'll be available on March 18.

Jody Macgregor
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