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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting double-trailers, finally

I'll readily admit to not being heavily invested in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and nor have I ever been active in its fan community. But reading between the lines of SCS Software's latest blogpost, it seems that double-trailer trucks have been a long requested feature in the series. And it's not hard to understand why: not only would it be very cool to drive a truck with two trailers, but it would no doubt add a new layer of realism to the roadtrip simulator.

So it's nice that, after a seemingly long period spent nutting out the finer details of the addition, SCS Software is almost ready to implement it. "After quite some years of internal discussions and frankly some frustrations and struggles to have the gameplay as well as technical side of multi-trailer physics support ironed out, we finally feel ready to reveal fresh info about our progress on doubles," the studio writes.

The addition of double trailers will come as part of a forthcoming update to both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. The studio expects the update to roll out "in early summer" (early winter in Australia), and it'll also usher in some new physics improvements.

Here are some more screenshots of the double-trailers in action:

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