EU Giveaway: Win one of five Intel 320 series 120GB SSDs with five year warranty

Intel SSD

A good solid state hard-drive is a bona fide hardware luxury. SSD drives can shift buckets of data at tremendous speeds, leading to lightning fast load times and improved responsiveness. The Intel Solid State Drive 510 Series ' 6GB/s SATA interface can shovel information at a steamy 310 MB/s. Solid State hard drives are more reliable, resilient and faster than their standard counterparts and Intel now offer a new five year warranty on mainstream drives like the Intel SSD 320 series should anything happen to your drive.

How would you like to win one? We've got five Intel 320 series 120GB SSDs (complete with desktop installation kits and migration software) to give away to our European readers. Read on to find out how to enter.

to apply for the competition, answer the following question in the comments below. Putting one of these SSD drives at the centre of your hardware setup is the PC equivalent of giving yourself an awesome new bionic heart, but do you deserve it? Tell is in the comments why a normal hard drive simply won't do. The funniest five answers will win an SSD drive each, with accompanying five year warranty. Remember, you must live in Europe to enter this one. Good luck!

Tom Senior

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