EU Giveaway: Win a Rift 30 day pass

Rift - tharr be a good hat

How would you like to spend a month in Rift 's world of Telara? It's a lovely, picturesque place. Once you look beyond the constant threat of demonic invasion and the otherworldly weather there's a lot to recommend it. It's good good pubs and nice food, just stay away from the spider mines. You'll find out why.

We've got 20 month long free Rift passes to give away to our European readers, courtesy of Green Man Gaming . Read on for your chance to win.

to enter, simply answer the following question in the comments below. Rift's unique class system lets you combine three souls in one body, giving you three skill trees on which to spend your hard earned experience. There's the Warlock soul, which toughens you up and lets you burn your foes. There's the Necromancer, which lets you summon skeletons. Then there's the Facepuncher, which lets you punch enemies in the face with maximum force (this one is not real) ... you get the idea.

We'd like you to come up with your own idea for a soul in Rift. Give it a good name, and list one ability that soul would have. The twenty funniest ideas will win a pass. Remember, you must live in Europe to enter. Good luck!

Tom Senior

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