ESL One Dota 2 championship tournament now streaming from New York City

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The ESL One Dota 2 championship tournament in New York City is now live, with eight teams vying for the trophy and a prize pool worth more than $100,000.

The first-round match pitting Natus Vincere against Vici Gaming is already underway, to be followed by Team Secret versus Natus Vincere US, Alliance against Evil Geniuses and Cloud 9 against Sneaky Nyx Assassins. The tournament is following a single-elimination knockout format, with each match, including the finals, a best-of-three contest.

The ESL One tournament is the biggest Dota 2 event in the West since The International 2014. As broken down by, there have also been a lot of roster changes since that event.

To find out more about the ESL One New York City 2014 Dota 2 championship, hit up You can also follow the action on Twitch.

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