The International 2014: a Grand Champion emerges

Warning: spoilers below.

Chinese team Newbee has claimed the Dota 2 Championship crown at The International 4, along with a grand prize check worth more than $5 million.

The International ended in an unexpected fashion today as Newbee, which went 7-8 in the group stage, prevailed against ViCi Gaming in the finals. ViCi Gaming, another Chinese team, put on a much more dominant performance in single-match action, with a 12-3 record that included, prophetically as it turned out, a loss to Newbee. ViCi actually defeated Newbee in the first match, but came back with a dominant performance to win.

This is the first year that two Chinese teams have gone head to head in an International final. Newbee's victory earns it a first-place prize of just over $5 million, a huge increase over the $1.4 million earned by the winner of last year's event. As the runner-up, ViCi Gaming will take home just shy of $1.5 million.

Photo credit: Toby Dawson

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