Escape From Tarkov trailer shows new underground lab location and scary scav boss

A new trailer for Escape from Tarkov, the loot-focused shooter currently in closed beta, shows off a new underground laboratory location, a new scav boss and some of the 100+ items that will arrive in the game's 0.11 update, which is coming soon.

TerraGroup Labs will be the sixth location to come to the FPS, and it's a secret facility beneath the middle of Tarkov. It'll be full of raiders, well-trained enemies that will fight as part of a group and use grenades to flush you out of cover. You'll also fight the Killa, a boss character with a light machine gun and heavy armour who will throw smoke grenades and zig-zag between cover. He'll be hostile to both players and scavs.

Because the labs is a sealed location, extraction will be more complex than usual. In a blog post, Developer Battlestate Games said you'll have to "meet certain conditions" before leaving the map—it didn't say what those conditions were, but if you're sneaky you'll be able to meet them without alerting nearby enemies.

The 0.11 update, which is "upcoming" but hasn't been given a release date, will also expand the existing Customs location and add more than 100 items to the game, Battlestate said, including a new type of item called a Stimulators. Using one will cost you health, but it will temporarily boost your skills.

Among the other new items are guns, such as the RPK-16 and Remington 700, and melee weapons, including ice axes, machetes, and tactical swords. Lastly, Battlestate revealed that it plans to add clothing customisation, VOIP and a weapon preset system in the new year.

Check out the full blog post for more details. Battlestate has previously said that 0.11 would arrive before the end of the year, so fingers crossed that's still the case.

Update: As the comments below have pointed out, last week Polygon reported that Battlestate had issued nearly 50 DMCA claims against a Youtuber for what the developer called “misinformation” and “negative hype” about Escape From Tarkov. You can read the full report here.

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play.