Enshrouded's first big patch kills bunny-hopping and bed-flying exploits, nerfs superpowered Wolverine-style healing

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Co-op survival RPG Enshrouded has gotten quite a few hotfixes since it entered early access in January, but its first properly big patch arrived today. It brings a bunch of fixes for stability and performance, and some tweaks for crafting and skills, but it also puts the kibosh on a few fun exploits players were using to get around the massive open world more easily.

Did you enjoy those bunny hops that didn't drain your stamina? Sorry, Flameborn, that's been fixed. Did you use your bed to effortlessly float across the entire world? "Dreams should not be this powerful," says Keen Games in the Enshrouded patch notes.

And in bad news for wizards and mages everywhere, another nerf takes the water aura skill down a few pegs. This skill regenerated a point of health per second for the player (and any nearby co-op players) for every point of intelligence the player had. It basically meant that with the right intelligence-based build you could simply outheal just about anything doing damage to you, as one streamer discovered by deliberately standing in a spike trap: by the time each spike popped up, the damage from the last one had already been healed. Post-nerf, water aura is still a worthwhile skill, but it no longer gives you a Wolverine-level healing buff.

It's not all fun-crushing exploit fixes, though (and it looks like Enshrouded's ridiculously OP Acid Bite spell is still intact). Smelters will be happy to learn that the cost for tin bars has been pretty drastically lowered—it originally cost 20 tin ore to make a single tin bar, a terrible return for all that mining. Now you can forge 3 tins bars from 15 ore which feels considerably more reasonable. The bug that prevented the rake recipe from appearing at your workbench has also been squashed, and magical storage containers (which allow you to craft items without them being in your personal inventory) are now unlockable earlier in the crafting chain.

No word yet on the biggest fan request, which is to make Enshrouded's quest progression player-based rather than tied to the server they're on, but that's a much more complex change than tweaking a few numbers or squashing some silly exploits. 

Here's Enshrouded v0.7.0.1 full patch notes:

Stability and performance

  • Fixed several rare crashes.
  • Fixed a crash that could appear on AMD GPUs while compiling shaders.
  • Improved performance in various systems of the game.
  • Added more messages in the log file to improve stability monitoring.
  • Error messages can now be correctly dismissed with mouse clicks.

Multiplayer and Servers

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented successfully logging into a dedicated server.
  • Improved error message handling when trying to join a host with a mismatching version.
  • The Steam community content preferences are now supported for the server list in the Join menu.


  • Improved instances where a too low resolution of texture was used on objects in the world.

Game World

  • The timer of the reset of content in the game world has been lowered to 30 minutes. The reset still only occurs while no player is in the direct vicinity of the part of the world that needs resetting.
  • An issue that sometimes led to a blocked door at the entrance of the “Cinder Vault” starting location has been fixed.
  • Added a few more terrain material deposits in key locations.
  • Improved the visibility of amber nodes and added a few locations in the game world where amber can be found.
  • Improved scattering of tumbleweeds in the Nomad Heights.
  • Several points of interest have been polished concerning visuals, chest locations, and gameplay.
  • Fixed several areas in the world where the path was blocked by dirt.
  • Improved visuals for the ground fog and added more ground fog to the Revelwoods.


  • The recipe for the rake is now correctly unlocked.
  • The first magical storage chest is now available earlier in the crafting progression. For further information visit your local Blacksmith.
  • The crafting quest from the Blacksmith now includes armor pieces in its completion requirement. It also auto-completes after clearing the first Elixir Well.
  • The second-tier glider “Advanced Glider” can now be crafted earlier in the crafting progression.
  • Fixed an issue with a quest about upgrading equipment that allowed completion without having all the required runes.
  • When upgrading equipment, the necessary runes are now also taken from magical storage chests.
  • Lowered the cost for Tin Bars to align them better with similar recipes.
  • Fixed a few incorrect ingredients in tier 4 recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where stamina for jumping wasn't deducted correctly with certain items selected in the action bar. Now a normal jump always costs nothing, while a sprint jump and a double jump always use up their intended stamina cost.
  • Fixed a bug where players could seamlessly chain long sprint jumps and therefore traverse the map faster than intended. Now it is required to take a short run-up for every long sprint jump.
  • Fixed a bug where players could interact with hook anchors behind the player camera.
  • Fixed a bug where using a glider could allow the player to use hook anchors from a longer distance than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with a bed could lead to the player character floating upwards continuously. Dreams should not be this powerful.
  • Fixed the warrior skill “Absorb”.
  • Nerfed the skill “Water Aura”. It was just too good.
  • Buffed the tier 3 ice bolt spell by adding area damage.
  • Fixed several incorrect item levels for weapons.
  • Reduced the damage from some poison attacks. Especially the poison attack from the Scavenger Matron that caused too much damage.
  • Fixed collision issues with the Fell spitting plant.
  • Bats should now spawn more reliably.
  • Fixed several instances of enemy sounds that were played too loudly in multiplayer.
  • Several skill VFX have been fixed or improved.
  • Fixed two incorrect weapon models.
  • Fixed a few visual issues with armors.

Building and Terraforming

  • Fixed a bug where single terrain voxel placement with the build hammer could add a larger terrain volume than intended.
  • Removed the “undo” button hint when the building menu is closed and the undo function is no longer available.
  • Improved the detection of ambient sounds in player bases during terraforming.
  • The ambiance in player base cellars sounds less like natural caves now. The improvements of ambient sounds in the base will continue.
  • Fixed visual detail glitches on roofs.
  • Increased durability of several dungeon materials against Powder Bombs.
  • Fixed a way to bypass the maximum of bases that the current flame level would normally support.
  • Fixed a bug where the actionbar couldn't be cycled with the mouse wheel while the [CTRL] key was pressed.


  • Fixed several areas with overflowing text in various languages.
  • Improved several smaller layout issues.
  • Fixed several text issues for weapon and armor stats.
  • Added fixes to Japanese, Simplified- and Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Fixed several smaller text issues.
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