Enemy development update details the turn-based roguelike's campaign overworld

Back in March, the impossible to Google turn-based tactical roguelike Enemy met its modest Kickstarter goal and secured its continued development. Since then, developer Tom Johnson has been working away on the 8-bit inspired indie X-Com-a-like, and is releasing monthly development updates detailing its progress. With the latest, the game's campaign structure is beginning to take shape, adding retro-infused strategic depth to an already promising project.

The overworld will offer a variety of 8-bit era video game themes, which the player's squad will use to plan out the equipment types they'll receive, and the difficulty they want to take on. Johnson explains that the player is free to choose their path to the End Boss, giving freedom inside an already randomly generated map. In fact, while X-Com would be the obvious touchstone, given the systemic turn-based action, Jagged Alliance seems an increasingly more fitting comparison. Except, you know, with plasma swords and witches and double-jumps.

Each land is divided up into multiple environment types. Here is what's currently planned:

  • Action: Alien, Base, City, Jungle, Technological

  • Adventure: Castle, Caves, Forest, Mountains, Plains, Town

  • Horror: Casle, Demonic, Forest, Graveyard, Swamp, Town

  • Platformer: Castle, Clouds, Forest, Plains, Sand, Snow, Town

Last month's update explained the inventory and equipping system :

While Enemy doesn't appear to have its own website yet, you can learn more about the game through the Kickstarter update page, where all posts have been made available to the public. Enemy is scheduled for a December release.

Phil Savage

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