Endless Express is a free first-person game about waiting

Endless Extend

7DFPS—the seven-day first-person shooter gamejam—wrapped up last Sunday, and I've started to play through its many, many games. This is the breeding ground that, in past years, gave us Superhot and Catlateral Damage.

Endless Express is not a shooter, which somewhat goes against the spirit of the jam. Instead, it's more a first-person waiting sim—a game about being on a train platform and catching a train. You don't have a gun; you do have a watch.

This in itself is compelling. There's a satisfaction to correctly using a timetable to get the right train. It feels strangely grown up—a familiar action reconstructed in a fantastical space. And that space if full of surreal detail and suggestion. There's a mystery being hinted at through the environment of the game, and it reveals itself as you close in on your destination.

Endless Express is free, and can be played in-browser here.

Phil Savage

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