End of Nations development picked up by Trion Worlds for "a more polished overall game"

End of Nations river battle

An indefinite open beta postponement and reported layoffs within developer Petroglyph clouded the fate of the near-vaporware MMORTS End of Nations recently, but in an official status update posted yesterday, Community Manager Lance James revealed the movement of all development efforts in-house to publisher Trion Worlds and committed a fresh focus on implementing changes and additions based on previous beta feedback.

"As End of Nations was reaching the pre-launch phase in its lifecycle, we officially brought the game development in house to Trion Worlds and will complete the development internally," James wrote. "Our team has been hard at work implementing many changes based on your feedback from the beta events."

A redesigned UI and an easier learning curve for those new to throwing endless waves of tanks at each other—hey, it worked in Red Alert 2—were a couple of the specific features mentioned by James in the works at Trion. And although End of Nations still lacks a definitive release date, it's encouraging to see some end in sight to the production woes surrounding this ambitious multiplayer warfare-fest.

Omri Petitte

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