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Emily is Away Too wants to revisit your youth in client-based chatrooms

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Before fibreoptic broadband internet, there was dial up. Before emojis there were emoticons. Before social media, there was client-based chat rooms. And whether you thrived in social circles, set up secret online societies or languished over lost love—Emily is Away Too wants to transport you back in time to relive it all again. 

For those of you who missed it, free game Emily is Away launched last year to much success as it recalled "a time before Facebook and Skype." Emily is Away Too is creator Kyle Seeley's next project which promises to be more involved by fast forwarding several years beyond its forerunner and adding a host of additional ways to enjoy/detest your younger years.

This time round, there's two characters—Emily and Evelyn—with whom you'll converse via the game's dialogue-based divaricating narrative. Multiple endings can be uncovered via "transmedia storytelling through hyperlinks and file transfers", as you strive to "determine the outcome of your high school years." Some of that looks like this:

No concrete launch date just yet, however Emily is Away Too is expected in early 2017 on Steam and Itch. In the meantime, the original Emily is Away is free—why not give it a bash?